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I met a tour operator from Uganda at the Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum.  He can organize a short solar eclipse program that a few of our clients asked for.  We need seven to fill a vehicle.  If you may be interested in joining up for the Uganda Solar Eclipse, give us a call.

Tropical Sails Corp   623-444-8195   Thanks,   Dan


Total Solar Eclipse Uganda Safari November 3 2013

November 3rd a Total Solar Eclipse passes over Uganda – 24kms from Murchison falls National park is Pakwach town, here the opportunity lingers.

Experience on November 3rd 2013  a Total Solar Eclipse on Safari to Uganda – Murchison Falls National Park at the small town of Pakwach just outside of the Park
A Total Eclipse will pass over Africa on November 3rd –2013 and we invite you to join us on the safari of a lifetime. A special Total Solar Eclipse Safari in Uganda and at the same time enjoy the traditional African big five Wild of Murchison Falls Park.
Since many Total Solar Eclipse Watchers are expected in Africa and in our case in Uganda we ask that you plan well ahead to confirm space and the type of lodging for you for this historic date in the  Pearl of Africa Uganda.

Day 1 October 31st -  Arrival in Uganda at Entebbe International Airport:  We meet you at the International Entebbe Airport – purchase your visa at the airport.  Depending on your arrival time we either put you into accommodation in the town of Entebbe if you arrive in the evening or at night for daytime arrivals we continue to Kampala and place you into a hotel of your choice, budget, moderate or Luxury stay.
Lodging Choice can be budget – moderate or Luxury – 1st day is on a Bed and Breakfast Basis.

Day 2 – 1 November 1 –2013:  Depart the Hotel where you are staying at 7 am and we are off on our Total Solar Eclipse Safari in Uganda. We head north toward Murchison Falls National Park and our first stop is at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – here we pick up a guide and track the Rhinos on foot.  A total awesome experience since you get within 30 feet of the Rhinos for some great photo opportunities.
Lunch at the historic Masindi Hotel in Masindi.
We continue to Murchison Falls Park – lodging is based on availability – and we like to do so on the wildlife side of the park which makes it more convenient for the game drives, boat safari and of course for the Total Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of November.
Lodging – Budget, Moderate or Luxury – the closer we get to November 3rd – the less lodging will be available since many visitors are expected coming to see the total solar eclipse – we will do our utmost to place you in suitable lodging for you.
We cross the River Nile by ferry and proceed to the lodge we have chosen for you based on choice of budget, moderate or luxury lodging based also on availability during this time when an increase of visitors is expected at Murchison Falls Park.
Get settled into room or tent and we embark on a late afternoon sunset game drive where hopefully we will see lions, a solitary leopard here or there, elephant herds and plenty or Rothschild giraffes, Cape Buffaloes, many antelopes and savannah birds.
Dinner at Lodge.

Day 3 – November 2 – 2013:  Breakfast – Game Drive  – each game drive is with a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger, between the ranger and our experienced driver guide there are not many animals you will miss on a game drive – a game drive is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length and each one is an unwrapping of nature – you are in the Wilderness of Uganda and do not know what you will see around the next turn of the road.  Each game drive has new surprises for you.  Bottled water is in the vehicle at all times and the safari vehicle is equipped with a pop-up roof for standing and better wildlife viewing.
Afternoon Boat ride up the River Nile where you see lots of Nile Crocodiles, pods of Hippos, Elephant Herds, Nile Monitor Lizards, Buffaloes, antelopes, and in the late afternoon there is a chance that you might see some predators. At the base of the most powerful waterfalls we disembark (if you are unable to hike up from the base to the top – you can return in boat down river).  The hike up is a 45 minute guided hike – and you are met by your driver guide at the top of the falls.
We cross the Nile by Ferry and return to Lodge.

Day  4 – November 3 – 2013:  The Big Day you came for has arrived – Breakfast and a game drive as we depart for the park for the 2pm hybrid eclipse viewing–To get in the Zoon we will need to drive 26kms to Pakwach and 54km on a paved road to Nebbi-The zoon is between Nebbi town and Akaba town or Nebbi and Aryek town. Hybrid solar eclipse November 3 2013 google map
If you have travelled half way around the world to Uganda, i would rather you get in the zone than someone pointing out to you, there goes the eclipse.
You need to bring your own viewing equipment for that day for best viewing and protection – we will supply with drinks for the historic occasion and a snack such as fruit. The actual eclipse will take place at about 2 pm but we will be there well ahead of time for the historic occasion.
Return to the lodge at leisure and do game drive if its still early.

Day 5 – November 4th – 2013:  Breakfast – we depart for Kampala – Entebbe – we can add-on Chimpanzee Tracking at Budongo Forest  which is 1 1/2 hours from Murchison Falls Ferry Crossing. Lunch once again at Masindi Hotel
Reach Kampala or Entebbe during the late afternoon – arrangement for a hotel in Kampala or Entebbe

Note:  The Total Solar Eclipse Safari can be lengthened to include other activities such as Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee Tracking, Wildlife, Volcano Climbs and many other choices and activities in the Pearl of Africa.
This is a once in a lifetime safari and opportunity to see a solar eclipse – not just anywhere but in Africa and near one of Uganda’s best all around wildlife parks, Murchison Falls – please make arrangements to book this safari in a timely manner in order that a place can be secured for you that fits your liking.

Safari includes all activities listed except chimpanzee tracking which can be added, it includes all meals except sodas, beer, wine, tips, laundry.


We regret not to publish costs or prices for reasons of changing prices.

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Footsteps of Paul Sailing Cruise along the Turkish Coast

We call it the Waters of Paul tour. Paul sailed these waters three times. The typical Footsteps of Paul Tour is by bus.  Why not travel though Asia Minor the way Paul did on a small yacht?  Come to think about it, Paul did not travel in Turkey on a stinking bus either.

The yachts have between 6-8 cabins all with private heads and showers. The yachts do sail along the delightful Turkish Coast and nearby Greek Islands. Usually all but two dinners (evening meals) are included  on the blue voyages.  Usually groups elect to eat ashore 2 nights per week.

Tropical Sails Corp can organize a Waters of Paul Sailing Tour for your church group– With brief stops in Istanbul, two weeks sailing the  waters Paul sailed three times.  Ephesus, Patmos, Samos, Didyma, Miletos, Iassos, Halicarnassus, Knidos, Loryma, Caunos, Ekincik, Telmessos, Gocek, St. Nicholas Island, Patara, Xanthos, Kalkan, Antiphellos, Kekova, Andraike, Myra, Perge, Phaeselis, Antalya.  Variations: optional you may moor in Kusadashi for two nights and visit Pergaman, Pamukkale and inland sites by motorcoach. (stinking bus)  Routes are tailored to your needs.
Call Tropical Sails Corp 623-444-8195 for details and a DVD.

Yunnan China Report from China Kindness Tours -

In the late fall, I was off one stop to Shanghai. I fly on an American Airlines 777 with two seats to myself across the Pacific- LAX to Shanghai PVG.

I prearranged a private guide for two days from Aviator Tour - in the city, which reeks with feng shui. Having seen the city before from a stinking tour bus, it was great to have a guide give me a workout. After walking from my $85-a-night, five-star hotel (Hotel Yun's Paradise)  to Yuyuan Garden, the Bund, Jing'an Temple and shopping on Nanjing Road, it was time for lunch.

Most people hire a guide and go from place to place by taxi. We walked. After passing through the People's Park, my guide did not know the neighborhood. We walked a little farther and had duck, vegetables and fine Chinese beer in an upscale place. Normally, I would eat where the locals do, but two places we passed were filled with cigarette smoke. 

After touring some alleys and shops, we succumbed and took the subway to the Pudong area, where I had an overpriced cocktail atop the 88-story Hyatt Hotel. I was higher than the Oriental Pearl TV tower, which I had been up before. The ticket to the top was 100 yuan, about $15

In the morning, I did what most tourists do not do. I saved the 100 yuan or so cab fare to the airport and took the subway for all of 5 yuan, about 70 cents. Off to Kunming, capital of Yunnan province and the Flying Tigers' base in World War II. I had a window seat and the china-man next to me held his soup bowl up to his mouth and slurped away. That would not have been mentioned but he could not keep his elbows to himself. Oh the joys of flying.

Lunch the next day was Yiliang Roast Duck, duck smoked with pine needles. What a treat on the road to the Stone Forest. We wandered among rock formations all afternoon and mused at the signs that said, "Do not disturb the grass, it is napping."

On to Dali, Yunnan, where our guide said, "All the tourists think this is great until you get to Lijiang and Shangri-la."

The cobblestone streets, most blocked off to traffic, were a joy to walk upon as I looked over the shops, a mixture of tourist shops and everyday shops for the locals.

Outside Dali are the Three Pagodas. Prior to an earthquake a few years back, you could climb the pagodas, which overlook a reflecting pond.

Next we moved higher in elevation in Yunnan to Lijiang and its old town. Our luggage was taken into town by a mini-minivan, as regular vehicles are prohibited. The canal is still in operation with moving waterwheels. The cafes were a delight.

On the other side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lies Shangri-la. On the way, our minibus took on water to cool the brakes. After a walk into Tiger Leaping Gorge, 500 steps down and 500 up, we dined overlooking the valley. I could have paid about $20 to have two porters carry me out on a chair.

That evening, we were greeted with hot ginger tea at Songstam Resort, which reminded me of Sedona. If only it had been spring, with the mountains covered in flowers.

The writer lives in Surprise, AZ and is owner of Tropical Sails Corp, a Surprise, AZ Travel Agency.

Australia Solar Eclipse Cruise November 2012 Video

Tropical Sails Corp led a group of 48 eclipse chasers aboard the Dawn Princess from Sydney, Australia November 2012 to observe a total solar eclipse.  This was the 14th solar eclipse travel opportunity Tropical Sails Corp, a travel agency in Surprise, AZ has organized.  In 1998 we did sell a number of cabins on the Dawn Princess for the Great Caribbean Solar Eclipse.  Daniel Oppliger, President of Tropical Sails Corp was aboard the S/V Polynesia at the time.   When you view the video, most of which was produced by Princess Cruises, with additional photos added by Tropical Sails Corp, most of the passengers wearing blue tee shirts are our clients.

To keep up with solar eclipse and other travel adventures fill out a form on our website:

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Our Solar Eclipse Safari Operator in Kenya has Many Offerings

Jenman Safaris as run 2 solar eclipse safaris in Africa previously. Jenman Safaris is running the Tropical Sails Corp's Safari in Kenya to see the November 3, 2013 Total Solar eclipse in northern Kenya.

More Safairs from Jenman that can be booked from Tropical Sails Corp:

SOUTHERN AFRICA TOURS:::Botswana Wildlife Breakaway: 3 June (more than 6 seats), 17 June (2 seats), 25 June (1 seat), 4 July (1 seat), 12 July (6 seats), 21 July (6 seats), 29 July (1 seat)
Botswana Untouched: 29 June (5 seats)
Botswana Lodge Explorer: 2 August (3 seats)
Beach and Wildlife Voyager: 7 July (more than 6 seats)
Great Trans Africa Lodge Explorer: 11 June (more than 6 seats), 15 July (more than 6 seats)
Intimate Zimbabwe: 4 August (3 seats)
Northern Explorer: 10 July (more than 6 seats)
Northern Experience Safari: 13 June (4 seats), 7 July (more than 6 seats), 9 July (1 seat), 30 July (5 seats)
Northern Adventurer: 17 July (more than 6 seats)
Pure Namibia: 28 June (4 seats), 13 July (more than 6 seats)
Southern Explorer: 12 July (more than 6 seats)
Southern Experience: 6 July (more than 6 seats), 20 July (more than 6 seats)
Walking In Style Southern Africa: 16 July (6 seats)
World In One Country: 1 July (more than 6 seats)

Tanzania Wildlife Breakaway: 6 June (5 seats), 24 July (more than 6 seats)
Tanzania Wildlife and Cultural Explorer: 22 June (more than 6 seats)
East Africa Migration Discoverer: 2 July (4 seats), 18 July (1 seat)
Classic Kenya: 13 July (2 seats), 25 July (more than 6 seats)

Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure: 31 July (4 seats), 17 August (6 seats

Tropical Sails Corp Releases Video Introduction

Tropical Sails Corp offers cruises on all major cruise lines, tall ship cruises with Star Clippers, Windjammer and some smaller Turkish Companies.  A Travel Agency based in Surprise, AZ Tropical Sails Corp has been a leader in  solar eclipse expeditions conducting some 15 adventures around the globe. Daniel Oppliger has acquired expertise in Turkey and China tours as is very astute in packaging tours for church groups or or other private groups.  Our yachts in Turkey accommodate 8 to 16 passengers and we can use several yachts for your group to explore Turkey.  In China we have many contacts as we have conducted three tours to China.

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Comet ISON May Be Biggest Comet Ever

Comet ISON will come out from behind the sun on November 28th, 2013. It is expected to peak the following week while Dr. Sky is at sea on the Star Flyer for the Comet ISON Cruise. recently said that Comet ISON may be the biggest comet EVER.

Don't miss your chance to see in dark skies about the Star Flyer. She has 85 cabins and almost an acre of billowing sails. Steve Kates (Dr. Sky, will be hosting this voyage from Costa Rica.

For more information, contact Tropical Sails Corp at or call 800-595-1003

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comet ISON May Be Biggest Comet Ever!

“Dr Sky” Sails to the Stars!

See Comet ISON at Sea Aboard spv Star Flyer.


Join the famous “Dr. Sky” on an amazing 7 night sailing through Costa

Rica and Nicaragua to view the Comet ISON while at sea! This comet will

come out from behind the sun on November 28th, and will be at its peak

for the next 7 nights! That is exactly when this sailing will take place, and

it will make for GREAT viewing! We will be sailing on the beautiful tall ship

“Star Flyer.”

This 360 foot beauty will visit extremely unique, off the beaten path ports

by day, then allow guests great viewing opportunities of the comet by

night! Visit San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, as well as these ports in beautiful

Costa Rica: Puerto Caldera, Playa del Coco, National Park Santa Rosa,

Flamingo Beach, Isla Tortugas and Curu! Dr. Sky will be hosting this sailing.

He is both an educator and entertainer, specializing in “Sky Science.”

Dr. Sky will be giving nightly lectures on the main deck as 36,000 square

feet of billowing sails.

www/   Tropical Sails Corp,   Daniel Oppliger, President