Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Solar Eclipse Cruise in North Atlantic: Newcastle to Faroe Islands March 2015

Nothing stirs the soul like a total solar eclipse. The moon will pass in front of the sun March 20th next year, 2015. Chasing the elusive shadow of the moon is an obsession with many travelers. Tropical Sails Corp has organized 15 such adventures around the globe providing guests with memories that last for years.

Tropical Sails Corp has a block on cabins on the Seaways Princess headed to the Faroe Islands to observe the solar Eclipse. The cruise will depart from Newcastle, Great Britain on March 15, 2015. Prior to departure, we will spend two nights in London. From Newcastle we will embark on the Princess Seaways, a ferry cruiser with many cabins, four restaurants and many amenities.

Once in the Faroe Islands, our ship will serve as a floating hotel. Many daily trips are offered to the guests including: Törshavn, Kirkjubøur and the Faroe Islands Art Museum tour, Vägar, Kvivik, Midvág, Sørvágsvatn and Gåsedalur tour, Saksun, Haldarsvik, Eidi, Gjögv and Gøte Church tour. If one wants more time on the water, tours to The famous island of Mykines and by boat to the world famous Rocks in Vestmannna are offered. A complete program of lectures related to solar eclipses and astronomy will be offered.

The solar eclipse tour cruise takes place March 12-23, 2015. Call Tropical Sails at 623-444-8195 for details or visit  www.tropicalsails.com