Saturday, August 22, 2015

Teton's Solar Eclipse 2017 Tours Update

Teton Springs Resort  8 Night Solar Eclipse 2017 Tour Package

View of sitting area from kitchenette, Teton Springs Resort

Master Bedroom in two room suite.

View from room at Teton Springs

The 8 night Yellowstone Tetons Solar Eclipse Adventure will stay at the Teton Springs Lodge and Spa for three nights. The drive into the property has alpine meadows full of flowers along a split road with boulevard.   The guests booked with Tropical Sails Corp will have a two room suite with kitchenette, sitting room, master bedroom and bath with a double Jacuzzi. You will not want to leave the property for the eclipse.  The resort has a resident astronomer who is doing an eclipse program for $40 pp.(not included).  Tropical Sails will give an appropriate, professional eclipse lecture, provide eclipse shades solar viewing glasses, and camera/telescope/binocular film.   The earlier part of our tour includes premium properties in Idaho Falls,  West Yellowstone, Jackson, WY and Salt Lake City.  This past week, exactly two years out, you would have seen the eclipse every day. This is the dry side of the Tetons. The fare is $3959 pp.

Hatchet Resort 7 Night 2017 Solar Eclipse Tour.

Grassy Knoll at Hatchet Resort

Modern Stone Bathrooms

Quaint Beds

Seven night solar eclipse adventure with the Hatchet Resort in out past  Moran, WY.  It a great Dark Sky location. The cottages are set back off the road with trees, the store, restaurant and gas pumps shielding you from road noise.  For our purposes the site is great. Tropical Sails is able to offer a budget conscious 2017 solar eclipse tour. You may stay here for the eclipse, but we do not advise it. If our opinion and research, we conclude that clouds are apt to form on the east side of the Tetons.  We will go over to the west side for the eclipse and return for celebration.  We found the rooms to be clean, modern and functional. The bathrooms are modern with tile and stone features. There is baseboard heat if needed. The TV system has the Weather Channel.  

The seven night tour goes Salt Lake Ctiy to Idaho Falls, West Yellowstone, Hatchet Resort, and Salt Lake City.  The fare is $2595 pp.  

Eclipse 2017 Scouting Report on Clouds West of the Tetons

Sun Position Prior to First Contact

Sun Position  Prior to Second Contact

We are glad to report sunny skies on our pre-eclipse, two years away visit.  We did have a small band of clouds go through prior to first contact.  The satellite showed them on my phone, which worked.

The other two days were clear all morning long.  The east side of the Tetons had clouds, and fog next to the mountains.  We suggest going to the west side and will do so with our tours.

Weather Map August 21, 2015 11:34 AM   Second Contact Time

Eclipse 2017 Map

 Anderson Eclipse Weather Specialist

Click on Map for Jay Anderson Weather Probabilities.

August 19, 2015 11:30 AM

August 20 2015 at 11:30 AM