China Tours Silk Road Dunhaung Day 3

Wonderful Restaurant in Dunhaung
Day three on the Silk Road tour from China Kindness Tours, we arrive in  Dunhuang after an overnight on the train. Most of us slept well, but it was an early wake up call.  We managed to have breakfast at our hotel, but the rooms were not ready. We strolled the park. Tristina and four of the guys rented bicycles and went out for a spin. Some of the guys joined the locals for exercises in the park in the huge roundabout in front of our hotel.  About 11:00 am all had rooms and a chance for a quick shower.  We went to lunch a the Parasol place, a very nice restaurant with authentic, live Chinese musicians.
Umbrella Restaurant Dunhaung, China

Waitress in Parasol Restaurant
We visited the Sand Dunes where Dunhuang has a spectacular natural scene called Mingsha (Sighing) Sand Dune. The dune, a sand crusted hill of dozens of meters high, is 40km east to west, and 20km south to north. In fine days, sand roars like thunder which can be heard in the city, hence the name. when visitors climb up to the dunes and slide downward from the summit, the sand can collapse with them and give out a pearl of loud sound. Several of us rented camels for the ride to the top of the sand. Orange "moon boots" to keep the sand out of our shoes were an extra part of the rental fee. You could just rent moon boots and a sled and try to ride down the sand.
 Crescent-Moon Spring, the spring lies at the foot of the Mingsha Sand Dune and is named for its shape. It is about 100m long and 25m wide, and has fish and water weeds that are said to be good for the health. The area is often hit by windstorm, which drives up sand to shut out sun-light. Interestingly enough, however, for hundreds of years people have never seen the spring filled up with or covered by sand.     
That evening, Tony Deng took me out to a Chinese Bar. The bartenders had cocktail recipe books and were anxious to learn how to make cocktails for tourists. The bathroom was strictly eastern with a hole in floor.  I stuck to beer and they were long on liquor but short on mixers. American liquor is expensive in China
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